Thursday, 18 October 2012

Black Pudding - tastes good, pity the blood is Dutch

My name is Dave and I'm a offal-oholic, the internal oddments are some of the best parts of the beast but massively underused by the majority of the UK now, it's a real shame when kids will eat a McDonalds but not any offal.

One of my favourite byproducts of the piggy world is black pudding, it's a shame that most of the stuff we get is made from spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) or basically dried blood. To make things worse the EU has so many 'laws' in place it's making it difficult for the abattoirs to do any thing with the fresh blood so it's awfully wasteful.

And the final nail in the black pudding coffin is that most of the dried blood available is Dutch...still tastes good though with some Welsh pig fat in there :)

I wonder if the French Boudin Noir makers adhere so strictly to EU legislation??? I think not!


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