Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Veal - why you should eat it

I've recently met a lovely couple from West Wales who have a dairy herd. They've decided to start producing veal, which a lot of people are against simply due to lack of education on the subject.

Here's a fact that some veggies try to avoid when they eat their cheeses in their holier than thou attitude towards us meat eating omnivores - the male calves of the dairy herd are normally killed at birth and converted to dog food. It happens on all dairy farms as basically whats the point of keeping a non-milk producing male when you are in the dairy business?

Luckily this could be a thing of the past if people could get the idea of 'veal is evil' out of their mind. In the past veal has had a bad press...and quite rightly so in some respect. Dutch veal is to be avoided, they're not treated well, they're reared to be pale by being milk fed and kept in the dark...not good (though I think the EU banned this in 2007, one of the best things they've done). British veal has always been looked after well and since more of us care about where our food comes from and how it was looked after things are getting even better.

When choosing good veal look at the colour - the less intensively it has been reared the darker the meat, this is always a good guide to go on, just remember when cooking veal that it is very lean and need to be treated as such or you may be at risk of drying it out during cooking.

Still not convinced or does the thought of eating a younger animal turn you off? If so you had better stop eating lamb, most pork and definitely chicken...I hear carrots are nice this time of year.


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